Pack Mentality

Because We Are Better Together

A pack acts together as one, accomplishing a task that no single member of the group could have done alone. A pack deploys this unified effort without hesitation because they are bound by extreme loyalty, respect, and devotion to one another. You and your dog are a pack. When you train, problem solve, play, and work together as one with your dog, you are setting the foundation for one of the purest bonds humankind has known.

About Your Next Favourite Dog Trainer & Toy Maker

My name is Zoë Hunter. I am an Animal Behaviour College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT). I am also a member of an elite group of pet care professionals who have successfully demonstrated their comprehensive pet care knowledge and passion for pet safety by becoming a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP) through the Professional Animal Care Certification Council. In addition, I am certified in PetTech PetSaver Pet CPR and First Aid. 
I strongly believe that dogs learn best when they are in a positive environment that is set up for them to succeed. Dogs thrive when they are both physically and mentally stimulated, and it is my passion to share this with each of you. Whether you are looking for enrichment games and toys or dog training sessions, I will teach you how to replace "no, stop that!" with "let's do this instead" and help you build a bond of trust and love with your best companion.

Snuffle Mats & Enrichment Tugs

Dogs require both physical and mental stimulation, regardless of their age or breed. Set your dog up to succeed by meeting those needs through training, canine enrichment, and interactive activities. Is your dog ball, tug, fluff, or bite motivated? Head to the shop for a variety of options!

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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