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About Your Next Favourite Dog Trainer 

My name is Zoë Hunter. I am very grateful to have the privilege of serving the canine community in the Fredericton area of New Brunswick. In every training service I offer, your dogs' emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing are my top priority. I will help you to create a relationship of trust, understanding, mutual respect, joy, and love with your canine companion. In appreciating how your dog experiences the world, together, we will set you and your family up for a lifetime of success. 

My training services are science-based, evidence-informed, and empathy-driven. My training methodologies are fear- and force-free, including positive reinforcement, reward- and choice-based methods, and a relationship-centered approach.

I am passionate about education, certification, and being an active participant in raising the standards of practice in the pet care industry. 


My passion is to foster relationships of joy, understanding, and kindness between canines and their human partners, and it is my pleasure to share this with each of you.  


I started my journey in dog training in 2017 and earned my certification as an Animal Behaviour College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT) in 2019. To further grow my skillset, I sought third-party certification; I am a member of an elite group of pet care professionals who have successfully demonstrated their comprehensive pet care knowledge and passion for pet safety by becoming a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP) through the Professional Animal Care Certification Council. Most recently, I have also become a Fear Free Certified Professional through Fear Free Pets, whose mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. I am also a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More With Your Dog, a trick titling program recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club, and love inspiring joy through confidence- and relationship-building activities.


Fear Free Certified Professional | Fear Free Animal Trainer Program | August 2022

Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) | Do More With Your Dog! | March 2021


Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP) | Professional Animal Care Certification Council | June 2020


Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT) | Animal Behavior College | September 2019


The following is a brief summary of coursework I have completed, but is very far from a sum of my total education in dog training and behaviour modification. My hope in sharing this is to promote transparency with my human and canine clients, and to demonstrate my commitment to ongoing education.

Incorporating Enrichment into your Behaviour Modification Plan | Allie Bender, IAABC Foundation | February 2023

Puppy Politeness Poker | Suzanne Clothier Relationship Centered Training | October 2022


Relationship Assessment Tool | Suzanne Clothier Relationship Centered Training | May 2022


Canine Behaviour & Communication; Bite Prevention; Canine Development; Introduction to Safe Handling; Dog Breeds 101; Hemp & CBD for Animals | FetchFind Training | January - December 2022


PetSaver Pet CPR, First Aid & Care | PetTech | January 2019

My Family

I share my life with two Australian Shepherds, Shepie and Rogue.

Shepie (6 years old) is my inspiration and has taught me way more than I can ever teach him or thank him for. Shepie and I have trained in obedience, trick, and disc, but our favourite activities together are canicross and any one-on-one time alone in the woods. Shepie is one of only 14 Australian Shepherds in all of Canada to earn the highest recognized trick title, Trick Dog Grand Champion title, as well as his Expert Trick Dog Masters title. Shepie is a sensitive soul and charms all who meet him.

Rogue (3 years old) loves everything life has to offer and if you join my group classes, you might meet him, as he loves to help teach others. He has earned his Trick Dog Champion title, but he really shines on the agility field and earned his Agility Dog of Canada (ADC) title in his rookie agility season. Rogue has also earned his Starter Games Dog of Canada (SGDC) AAC Agility title, as well as his International Novice Dog (IND) and Speedstakes Beginner (SSB) title in the UK International Agility program. Rogue is a total dork with an incredible work ethic. 

We spend most of our time exploring, hiking, and snowshoeing. When we are inside, we love brain games, enrichment activities, and learning new tricks.

My boys are my world, my heart, and a constant source of love, learning, and inspiration.

Autumn Vibes
Shepie Canicross
Nose Touch
Mount Carleton
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