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Manners & Life Skills Program
$240 +HST • 8 weeks

Welcome to the Manners & Life Skills program! This program is designed to set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success. The program focuses on key life skills and manners such as cooperative care, focus, recall, stay, leave it, door manners, calm greetings, loose leash past other dogs. The program is designed to prepare you and your canine companion to pass the Canine Good Neighbour certification. 

The Manners & Life Skills Program is uniquely tailored to allow your dog to learn at their own pace while progressing through the program with the guidance and support that will set you and your dog up for success. When you enroll in the Manners & Life Skills Program, you are purchasing an 8-week class pass. All dogs start at Level 1 and have 8 consecutive weeks in the program; when you and your dog successfully complete the skills in Level 1, you are able to proceed to the Level 2 class when there is a spot available. At the end of your 8-week class, you are invited to purchase another pass and continue your journey through the Levels! 

Dogs of all ages are invited to join the Manners & Life Skills Program. If you have a puppy aged 5 months and under, I recommend joining the Puppy Train & Play program first but it is not a requirement to enter the Manners & Life Skills program.

The Manners & Life Skill program has a waiting list to join. I keep the waiting list to 10 dogs at a time to ensure folks who join the waiting list will be given a spot in class within 4-8 weeks (buffer time for storm cancellations that prolong the process). To ensure that folks who sign up for the waiting list are serious about attending the program, a $20 non-refundable deposit is required to join the waitlist. This will go toward the final cost of the program when you are offered a spot. When offered a spot in the program, you have 24 hours to respond before I reach out to the next person on the list. Full payment will be due within 24 hours of accepting your spot in class.


The waiting list will be open for registration on Sunday, January 29th at 7pm. The software will allow only 10 clients to signup. You will be waitlisted in the order of your registration timestamp. If you do not secure a spot, check back on this page for when the waiting list will open again in the future. The link to register for the waiting list will be posted at    I



6:00 - 6:50pm Level 1

7:00 - 7:50pm Level 2

8:00 - 8:50pm Level 3


6:00 - 6:50pm Level 1

7:00 - 7:50pm Level 2


Manners & Life Skills Level 1 includes:

  • Sit without a lure

  • Down without a lure

  • Relaxed down/Settle

  • Focus with small distraction

  • Recall games: This Way! 

  • Sit-Stay for 30 seconds at side

  • Sit/Down Stay with handler 10 feet away

  • It’s Yer Choice: choosing to walk away from food 

  • Door manners

  • Which hand holds the treat?

  • Loose leash foundations

  • Fear Free Cooperative Care: targeting skills (hand touch), communication cues 

Manners & Life Skills Level 2 includes: 

  • Sit on hand signal

  • Down on hand signal

  • Stand on hand signal

  • Focus with moderate distraction 

  • Front

  • Recall past moderate distractions 

  • Stay for 30 seconds while handler is 20 feet away

  • Leave it: food, toys, unknown objects

  • Introduction to heel, auto-sit, different paces 

  • Leash handling skills: emergency turn 

  • Emergency stop 

  • Fear Free Cooperative Care: stationing skills (mat/platform), chin rest 

Manners & Life Skills Level 3 includes:

  • Sit, Down, Stand on hand signals with distance

  • Transitioning from Excited to Calm 

  • Focus with large distraction, in motion 

  • Recall with large distraction, past other dogs, off-leash  

  • Sit-Stay/Down-Stay for 2 minutes with owner out of sight

  • Leave it: large distractions, heelwork and recall past food 

  • Loose leash past other dogs

  • Calm greetings with people (no jumping)

  • Accepting a friendly stranger 

  • Emergency stop: from a distance and with added motion 

  • Heel work: turns, patterns, shadow games 

  • Fear Free Cooperative Care: bucket game, positive familiarity

Private Canine Training
+HST • 1hr Initial Consultation
+HST • 1hr Follow-up Training

You have my undivided attention during your 60 minute private session. Your dog will benefit from a calm and gradual training progression using positive reinforcement, rewards-based, relationship-centered, pain and fear-free methodologies. We will work together to create a training plan that will have you seeing the results, while working at your dogs natural pace. Because of this, I do not require you to book a set number of sessions. We will work together with your dog's temperament, personality, lifestyle, and environment to build skills naturally until your dog can confidently transfer these skills to real world situations. Private training lessons are held at my facility at 880 Hanwell Road, Unit 103 in Fredericton, New Brunswick unless alternate arrangements for virtual, at-home, or behaviour modification sessions in trigger environments, etc., are made prior to booking. 

To book your session, click “Book Online” to access the booking calendar. 

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Puppy Train & Play
$120 +HST • 4 weeks

This four-week course is designed to provide you and your puppy with a fun and positive socialization experience while learning key skills to set up for a lifetime of success. Each class is 50–60 minutes. This class is suited for puppies who are between 8-20 weeks old.  Class is offered on Thursday evenings at 6pm and 7:10pm; upon registration, puppies are assigned to one of the two timeslots based on age, sex, breed, etc., to ensure a safe and fun training and playing environment for everyone. Proof of up-to-date vaccination record, as per puppy’s age, is required.

Course includes: 

- The keys to setting your puppy up for a lifetime of success as a confident and happy canine: socialization, bite inhibition, recall, chew toy training, resource guarding prevention, navigating fear periods, dog and child safety

- Basic manners: sit, down, focus, recall, loose leash walking

- How to understand your dog’s body language and canine communication

- Safe play with puppies matched for age, size, breed, play style, etc., to ensure to a safe and fun learning environment for all 

- Introduction to new things: textures, surfaces, sounds, people, dogs, grooming, first aid 

To reserve your spot in Puppy Train & Play, please click the “Book Online” tab above, or email

2023 Puppy Train & Play Class Schedule*

1 Thursday PM, January 5, 12, 19, 26

2 Thursday PM, February 2, 9, 16, 23

3 Thursday PM, March 2, 9, 16, 23

4 Thursday PM, March 30, April 6, 13, 20

5 Thursday PM, April 27, May 4, 11, 18

6 Thursday PM, May 25, June 8, 15, 22

7 Thursday PM, June 29, July 6, 13, 20

8 Thursday PM, July 27, August 3, 10, 17

9 Thursday PM, August 24, 31, September 7, 14

10 Thursday PM, September 21, 28, October 5, 12

11 Thursday PM, October 19, 26, November 2, 9

12 Thursday PM, November 16, 23, 30, December 7

*Tentative schedule. Dates are subject to change.

Class timeslots are 6-6:50pm and 7:00-7:50pm. 

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Confident K9 
$25 +HST • 45min

Confident K9 is designed to boost your dog’s confidence through sharing new positive experiences as a dog and handler team. Confident K9 is a 45 minute session offered on Friday evenings. You will have access to the training room and equipment, along with my guidance, instruction, and support. 

Whether you want to build your dogs’ skills in a new environment, provide new mental enrichment opportunities, increase body awareness, introduce distance and distraction work, boost fitness and conditioning, or practice fun and engaging brain games and training exercises using fun and stimulating equipment, Confident K9 has something to offer every dog! 


Clients book each session separately. You may book one class at a time or multiple classes through the booking calendar. Please note that there is limited space in these classes (maximum of 3 per class). If you and your friends would like to reserve a slot together and train off-leash, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request!  


Equipment includes: FitPAWS fitness and conditioning equipment (Mini FitBones, FitBone, Giant FitBone, Trax Donut, Trax Peanut, Balance Disc, Ramp), K9 Klimb, wobble board, agility jumps, agility tunnel, trick training props, cavalettis, platforms, dog puzzles and brain games, and more! 


To book your Confident K9 class, click "Book Online" to access the online booking calendar.

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