My Pack

I share my life with two Australian Shepherds, Shepie and Rogue.

Shepie (6 years old) is my inspiration and has taught me way more than I can ever teach him or thank him for. Shepie and I have trained in obedience, trick, and disc, but our favourite activities together are canicross and any one-on-one time alone in the woods. Shepie has earned his Trick Dog Champion title, as well as his Expert Trick Dog Masters title, and has competed in two canicross races. He is a sensitive soul and charms all who meet him.

Rogue (3 years old) loves everything life has to offer and if you join my group classes, you might meet him as he loves to help teach others. He has earned his Expert Trick Dog title. Rogue shines on the agility field and earned his Agility Dog of Canada (ADC) title in his rookie AAC agility season, as well as his Beginner International Dog (BID) title in UKI agility. Rogue is a total dork with an incredible work ethic. 

Both boys want something to do during every waking hour - and I love it! We spend most of our time exploring, hiking, and snowshoeing. When we are inside, we love brain games, enrichment activities, and learning new tricks.

They are my world, my heart, and a constant source of love, learning, and inspiration.

Autumn Vibes
Shepie Canicross
Nose Touch
Mount Carleton