Snuffle mats are a great activity for enrichment, mental stimulation, nose/scent work, a special fun game, to slow feeding, and so much more! Simply bury dry food or dry treats within mat and let your furry friend sniff them out! Read below for more information on why every dog can benefit from a snuffle mat. 


Size: 12 x 12 inch mat base 


Note: As with any dog toy, supervision during use is recommended. Please be sure your dog is eating the treats/kibble and not chewing or ingesting the fleece strips or rubber mat base. 

Pick Pink! / Snuffle Mat

  • » When the mat is not in use, store it away in a safe location. 

    » This snuffle mat is machine washable so you can always keep your mat fresh. Hang to dry, then flip the mat upside down and shake to re-fluff the fleece.  

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