Canine Training
$45* • 1hr

You have my undivided attention during your 60 minute private session. Your dog will benefit from a calm and gradual training progression using positive reinforcement methods only. We will work together to create a training plan that will have you seeing the results that you want, while working at your dogs natural pace. Because of this, I do not require you to book a set number of sessions. We will work together with your dogs temperament, personality, lifestyle, and environment to build skills naturally until your dog can confidently transfer these skills to real world situations.

Services include:

  • Obedience

  • Puppy training

  • Leash manners

  • Problem behaviours

  • Recall refresher

*First-time consultation fee applies

Training Walks
$28 • 45min

Do you struggle with walking your dog? Does it feel a chore as a result? Whether you are struggling with pulling, barking, lunging, or over the top excitement, or if you are dealing with more serious issues such as anxiety, fear, reactivity, or aggression, I can help. I will tailor a training program to suit your needs and work on these skills during a private 45 minute walk. This service is best paired with training sessions to ensure that your personalized training program is consistent and effective for everyone involved in your dog's care and to follow-up on progress. 


Canine Training Services

My personalized and professional certified canine training services are conducted in your own home, at your convenience, and where you and your dog are most comfortable. This is a great alternative for dogs who struggle to learn in a group setting, could benefit from one-on-one guidance, and owners who can't commit to a group class schedule. Each training session is tailored to meet the needs of your dog and your family's lifestyle using positive reinforcement and force-free methods only.

Train & Play

$40 • 2hr

$15 per additional hr


Are you looking to take your training to the next level? Does your dog struggle with anxiety or fear? Is your dog a genius who is bored when home alone? Does your dog have endless energy? 
Train & Play is the ultimate boredom buster and confidence booster.

Train & Play sessions include:

  • confidence-building exercises

  • problem solving exercises

  • enrichment games

  • puzzle work

  • coordination and balance exercises

  • building towards other training goals

  • structured outdoor play-time or a training walk  


Travel fee

All services are subject to an additional fee of $5 + $0.25/km for each km over 20km.